Issa Asad’s thoughts on Mobile Technology

According to Issa Asad, cell phone resellers have certainly noticed that large organizations are buying out the smaller mobile phone companies and merging them with their organizations. For example, large conglomerates like Verizon are buying smaller companies like Alltel. Certainly, this seals the deal for Verizon. They will become the largest mobile service provider in the country.

Issa Asad’s New Trends for 2015

This trend of larger companies buying the smaller struggling companies is expected to continue well into the future. All these deals are proof that mobile growth is a factor in all the decisions; Today’s world is very mobile. People rely on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops for primary news and information. Certainly, the large telecommuting companies recognize this fact.

Mobile Vs Landlines

One hot topic that is certainly circulating around the country is the need for a landlines. A lot of people that own a landlines and a few mobile phone are taking a serious look at this very issue. Many are transitioning to a mobile device only, which is certainly affecting the larger telephone companies. Smaller landlines provider are seeing a serious drop in their total revenue.

Landlines Benefits

Are there any reasons to hold on to that landlines and forget about the mobile technology? Well, there is the obvious. A dedicated 911 that is traceable during an emergency. Of course, the mobile has to stay charged. The landlines are continually available, and most people have the tendency to forget about charging up their mobile device.
Issa Asad on Mobile Technology

Drop Landlines

How do you know for sure that it is very advantageous to drop the landlines and depend on mobile technology for all telephone calls? Surprisingly, this is not a big issue for the majority of people that own a mobile phone and landlines. Mobile technology has changed dramatically over the last decade, and the technology is as reliable as the basic landlines. This has led to people dropping landlines and depending primarily on their mobile phones.

Prepaid Phones or Contracts

Any cell phone reseller will inform their customers that they have two options available once they drop their landlines. They should keep in mind that there are prepaid plans and contract plans to consider. They should carefully consider their usage before making that final decision on the right plan for them and their family. Prepaid plans are best for those that do not have high phone usage and the contracts are best for those with high usage during the month.

Winners and Losers

The question remains, who is the real winner and who is the real loser in the whole deal. According to experts in telecommunications, only the future can tell us for sure who is the real winner and who is the real loser. Perhaps, the cellphone providers are the big winners because they are changing the way that people communicate and attracting more customers. Large landlines companies that offer mobile services are also the guaranteed winners in this situation.

Younger people certainly do not remember a world without cellphone technology. Older people are slowly showing a gradual preference for the mobile devices.